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Shelley body before and after
Size 24 to Size 18
My face - age 33 to 52

Internal confidence is the goal. Change your mind to change your body and life.

Let’s talk about weight.  The difference between traditional weight loss and treating weight issues with RTT is like weeding a garden. If you treat the weeds by just chopping them off so you can’t see them then they are gone for a short while but they keep returning.  RTT gets to the root of the issue and once you deal with this it’s goes and doesn’t return. 


Stop repeating the same process over and over and really deal with it.  It’s not a lack of will power that holds you back, it’s deep rooted thoughts and beliefs that keep you where you are. 

Anyone who knows me personally knows this has been a struggle for me since my teen years.  I have yo-yo dieted most of my life but each time I relaxed I would go back to the same high weight and size. 
It has only been in the past years that I now understand the WHY of why I go back to the same size and it has little to do with food or exercise.  
During my RTT training I have had my own therapy sessions and I uncovered a decision I made when I was four years old - I had to be a big girl to have any power in my life.  Once I understood the reasoning behind this and decided that four year old me did not need to control my life then things shifted.  
I eat a reasonably clean diet and I moderately exercise most days but it’s not been a hardship to change my body. 


One session of Rapid Transformational Therapy is enough to uncover the reason why you hold onto the weight, even though you feel uncomfortable in your body now.

You can choose one session or you can add a gastric band hypnosis recording to the session also.

I also have a weight reduction programme that is broken into three RTT sessions to uncover your WHY, one session to find the root cause, one session to put healthy weight goals in place and a further session to break the habit and maintain your goals.

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