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Rapid Transformational Therapy gives me the tools to work with people and to help them make life changes without anxiety.  

My clients are amazing, these are some of the things they had to say about working with me.

I work via Zoom or online, and in person, all work and notes are confidential.

Man with Cap


I have PSTD which is well managed. I engaged with Shelley because I wanted to work through some self- confidence/self-esteem issues, and I was eager to try RTT. The journey Shelley took me on was certainly emotional, but somehow controlled, she helped me make links to events that happened from well before my trauma; this surprised me. She kindly guided me through painful memories, empowering me to take control of them. There was one point during a session where she wanted to me to do something, but I had a massive block in place and couldn’t proceed. She quickly tried another tact, and part way through the second technique I felt the block release! It was amazing!

Historically when I have had therapy sessions, I’ve come out distressed about having to confront the trauma of my past. Whenever a therapy session with Shelley finishes, I feel calm, relaxed and lighter somehow. Thanks Shelley for the positive journey you’ve taken me on – I am overcoming fears and doubts in ways I never thought I could.

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